Awesome Con 2015 and Raising Funds for Ramona's Way

While we were able to previously attend Awesome Con 2014 as press, it was not until 2015 that we were able to host a panel and charity table. We allied ourselves with Ramona's Way, a D.C.-based non-profit that specializes in offering counseling and crisis hotline services to women who are survivors of domestic abuse and also struggle with substance addiction in their families. We were able to raise a signifcant amount of money over the convention (total to be announced soon), and to get new volunteers interested in working with a worthwhile charity. We'd love to thank their director, Jackie King, and a dedicated volunteer, Theresa for making that possible. Additionally, president emeritus, Carolyn West, and current president and co-founder, Margaret Bates, hosted a panel called "The Problem of the Strong Female Character Trope," which was based around this article from the New York Times about the problematic representation of women in action and genre films. The discussion was passionate, thoughtful, and we heard diverse and interesting feedback from a very knowledgable audience. It opened our eyes so we hoped it did for others as well!