Winners for the 2012 Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Raffle

We have had an amazing time these last couple months, working closely with the Sweet Clark and Lana forum in order to raise money for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Without further adieu, we are announcing our raffle winners!

First for the Lana Lang/Kristin Kreuk Raffle:

1) The winner of the 2x3 season two promotional poster is Esma Al-Kubeisy.

2) The winner of the Teddy Bear and the mug is Katie Silverman.

3) The winner of the Rolling Stone and TV Guide vintage Smallville magazines and a collection of clippings from magazines of Kristin Kreuk is Christina Nguyen.


For the Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack Raffle:

1) The winner of the signed Legendary commercial DVD is Christopher Wannamaker.

2) The winner of the signed programs for The Apple Cove and Love, Loss, and What I Wore is Stephanie Van Iersel.

3) The winner of the unsigned play programs from both shows is Kristina Waters.


For the Australia Goodie Basket:

The winner is April Walsh.


Again, THANK YOU to everyone who has so generously contributed and made this drive successful. We cannot wait to start on the drive for 2013 and to further expand it throughout the Smallville fandom and the online community overall. We will announce the total probably either next Friday, the 9th, or the following week. We are waiting for when The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation officially receives the check and gives us clearance to post the official grand total. I will say that it exceeded what our goals were and, for this, Sweet, Legendary Women, Inc. and I am sure The Reeve Foundation are very grateful.

So congratulations to all of you for your generosity and hard work and we'll keep you updated for when the grand total is announced!

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