The Snark of Chloe Sullivan

One of the best parts of watching Chloe Sullivan's journey through a decade of Smallville was catching her quips. Here's a list of favorites according to fans surveyed across the net.Chloe Sullivan's charm definitely started with her sarcasm. Not only was she the hard-bitten investigator of the group, she was also the one that offered a joke to balance out Clark's seriousness or Lex's always encroaching darkness. While the series itself got darker and lost many of its moments of levity, Chloe still remained able to crack a joke with the best of them. Below are some fan favorites from the Absolut Chloe and Chlollie livejournal communities.

10) "Do I tell you how to shoot your arrows? I don't think so!" (Bloodline)

9) "Can we skip the virtual love life and actually focus on the job here?" (Absolute Justice, Part One)

8) "Another Kryptonian? Jeez, Clark, I'm beginning to think that Earth was your home planet's top tourist destination." (Kara)

7) "Well I am perturbed with you, Clark. I'm also mad that you didn't put out the Chicago Fire of 1874 or prevent the fall of the Roman Empire, making you directly responsible for the Dark Ages." (Kinetic)

6) "Mr. Luthor, I don't know what your interest is in Clark, but you can take the job offer and shove it down your thousand dollar pants." (Calling)

5) "Cutting the heads off supermodels. It's kind of redundant, isn't it?" (Craving)

4) "Most men are from Mars, Clark, but your from some distant galaxy that I've never even heard of." (Crush)

3) "Pete you throw that rubber spider again and I am going for my staple gun." (Cool)

2) "This guy can fly? God, Clark, you gotta get on that one." (Bizarro)

1) "You're the cunning linguist. Why don't you translate this? (Rush)

Honorable Mention: "Acuvue to the rescue." (Vengeance) - While not a funny line in itself, I always marveled at Allison Mack's ability to deliver this with a straight face since it was the most blatant product placement until Labyrinth and her Yaris!

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