“Every woman deserves to be Legendary.”


Legendary Women, Inc. is an organization devoted to promoting the empowerment of women*, both in the media and in their everyday lives and endeavors.


It all started with giving...

Legendary Women, Inc., before it even had a name, began as several simple campaigns to raise money for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation in the name of actress Allison Mack and her character Chloe Sullivan from Smallville. That precursor to LW, called “Operation Truth and Justice” was a way for fans to honor a character during what might have been her final season as a regular on the show. As part of OTJ, our co-founder Liz De Razzo suggested creating a commercial to celebrate Mack and her character. We called the project "Legendary." Thus began our first big endeavor together. 

But we could do so much more...

While producing the Legendary Commercial, co-creators De Razzo and Bates realized that they didn’t need to limit themselves to honoring just one actress or one character. They wanted to use their experience in fandom to support more positive portrayals of fictional femmes, showcase profiles of real women, and shine a spotlight on female-forward organizations that are doing amazing work and changing lives around the world. It was then that they knew we needed a place like this.








We believe that what women and girls see in the media shapes their world view and their self-image. Positive images can inspire us to become more than what we thought we could be, while negative images can cause us to limit our belief and confidence in ourselves. We need to promote those portrayals and highlight those heroines that make us feel Legendary.



Of course, words alone are not enough. There are many philanthropic and activist organizations out there run by women, for women. We want to boost the signal for them and let people know what they can do to get involved.



Finally, to borrow a quote from Anais Nin, "The richest source of creation is feeling, followed by a vision of its meaning." In that spirit, Legendary Women also seeks to foster budding talent and create opportunities for everyone to create works and produce media that presents positive images of women.


Let's see how far we can all go together!




*As an organization, we condemn discrimination on the basis of race, color, religious or other beliefs, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, genetic information, age, or socioeconomic status.