Margaret J.B. Bates


Legendary Women





Co-Founder, President/Treasurer

Margaret Bates majored in developmental psychology at Duke University and then continued her studies toward a Ph.D. with an emphasis on autism intervention at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. After a hiatus from academia, she is currently completing her master's in I/O psychology at The University of Baltimore and is an aspiring author of urban fantasy fiction.

She's always been interested in media studies, having co-authored a paper with a UNC communications professor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the Slayage journal as well as presented at Slayage's annual conference in 2006. 

Margaret hopes to work through Legendary Women to highlight admirable female inspirations for young women in an over-saturated media. Similarly, she hopes to create opportunities for women and men alike to create positive female-centered media projects and find ways to band together to benefit girls and women with charitable giving.