Margaret J.B. Bates


Legendary Women





Co-Founder, President/Treasurer

Margaret Bates majored in developmental psychology at Duke University and then continued her studies toward a Ph.D. with an emphasis on autism intervention at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. However, a lifetime of studying Spanish and an interest in serving the growing immigrant community prompted her to capitalize on her minor. She returned to school for interpreting and now has a certificate in medical Spanish interpretations. Currently, she works as a bilingual medical receptionist and a contract interpreter as she takes and awaits results from the national medical Spanish interpreting exam.

She's always been interested in media studies, having co-authored a paper with a UNC communications professor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the Slayage journal as well as presented at Slayage's annual conference in 2006. She's had an op-ed piece in The Los Angeles Times about Chloe Sullivan's influence as a working woman's role model.

Margaret hopes to work through Legendary Women to highlight admirable female inspirations for young women in an over-saturated media. Similarly, she hopes to create opportunities for women and men alike to create positive female-centered media projects and find ways to band together to benefit girls and women with charitable giving.