Good Questions, Uncomfortable Issues [The Saturday Round-Up]


This week we look at a variety of topics from how women are represented (or not) on sitcoms and film trailers to more serious subjects like eating disorders, rape, and PMS. 

1) Model Health Guidelines for New York Fashion Week Released by the CFDA 

As New York prepares for fashion week, Diane von Furstenberg is working to make sure the models also eat. It's a cliche that to be a supermodel, one can never have a meal. It might be trite but it's no laughing matter. From models who have literally died hours after walking the runway to models who chew on tissue paper to feel full, it's a major epidemic and Ms. Furstenberg is trying to do something about it.


2) Why I Talk about Rape

The author, "Emily" on the site XOJane went recently on NPR to talk about the article she'd written previously about how her rapist friended her on Facebook. She talks bluntly about rape but not insensitively in this piece and works to break down the myth that it's always by a stranger. In a country where 1:4 women will be raped in her lifetime, it's important to realize that date rape is real and no extenuating factors or things we tell ourselves about perceived guilt make it acceptable.


3) Of Rage, U-Hauls, and Broken Plates: PMS and Me

This author, "Lesley" explores how PMS affects her and talks about how, even if its a label that's used against women and an excuse for sometimes perceived moodiness or instability, that it is important to name this problem. That even if the label can be used against us, it's powerful to have it to explain how we feel.


4) Why Men Always Tell You to See Movies: Trailer Voice-Over Work Scarce for Women - by Andy Isaacson

How many times has a booming male voice talked over a fiery explosion telling you "That this time, it's personal?" I've lost count in my case. This article explores why women aren't used for television and especially movie voice-overs. It also interviews one voice actress who's working hard to get more acceptance in a man's world.


5) Highest Rated Television Sitcoms Do Not Highly Rate Females

Why is it on the most popular sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother  or Two Broke Girls? The women are in job crises or poor or just in bad life positions and many of the men are successful and established in their careers? Ever asked yourself that question? Well now someone has...