From Girl Scouts to Grandmas [Saturday Round-Up]


This week, as always, we have quite the assortment. The highlight is probably a grandma who excels at World of Warcraft. talk about breaking stereotypes!

1) A Open Letter to the Transphobic Girl Scout 

We have tweeted the original video before and are definitely encouraging people to support the Girl Scouts. Unlike their less tolerant brethen, The Boys Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts have been making progressive moves to reach out to LGBT girls. One troop in Colorado recently admitted a transgirl, which sparked a protest via YouTube video. This article from Jezebel is an eloquently written letter expressing how hurtful and misleading the video is to the transcommunity.


2) What We Left Behind: Girdles, Silence, and Illegal Abortions

This month, Ms. the magazine turns forty. Managing editor, Suzanne Braun Levine, looks back at how far we've come since the 1970s but how far we've yet to go.


3) The Sitcom Season in Rape Jokes

New York Magazine discusses the disturbing trend in freshman sitcoms, including the infamous Work It, to use rape jokes for a cheap laugh.


4) Lesbian Films: Alien No More

This is a big year for cinema featuring lesbians in the lead roles: Albert Nobbs, Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, and the oft-praised (even by Meryl Streep at the Globes here folks) film Pariah. The author looks at why 2011 brought out such creativity from that community and gives a bit more information on Codependent... which is just about the most interesting title for a movie I've read in years.


5) Awesome Nerd Grandma Rules at Warcraft

Title says it all. At seventy, Marthazon is a guildmaster and high level player for WoW. She even talks about how the game has helped her and her seventy-two yeard old husband keep sharp in retirement.