Exclusive Interview with Kristy Swanson About The Legacy of Buffy 20 Years Later

Twenty years ago (or 1992 to be more specific) Kristy Swanson gave life to the most iconic blonde vampire slayer of all time: Buffy Summers. Since then Buffy went on to a bigger life than anyone in the original film could have envisioned. The movie was turned into a television show that spanned seven seasons and lives on today in the hearts of dedicated fans.  

[img_assist|nid=334|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=298]Legendary Women was lucky enough to speak with Swanson during our time at the Wizard World Philadelphia convention. Here’s what she had to say about the legacy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, twenty years after filming the cult classic movie. It’s coming up on 20 years since the Buffy film. That’s right! We shot it in January, February, and March of 1992. So we just had the 20 year anniversary actually. Did you think that Buffy was going to be such a big phenomenon when you were shooting the movie?I think that when you’re shooting any movie you always hope it’s going to be successful. When the movie actually came out we didn’t do so well in the box office. Death Becomes Her really killed us. So we didn’t do so great. But the title itself sort of lived on and made people even more curious and it kind of turned itself into a cult classic. What did you think when you got the script and saw the title? I loved the title. Luke (Perry) told me he was doing this movie called Buffy the Vampire Slayer and he’s like “You’ve got to play Buffy! You’d be the perfect Buffy! I’m going to tell them!” And I said “Ok!” So I went in and I auditioned. I went through probably seven auditions and then ended up getting the part. What do you think makes Buffy a strong role model for girls and women?Well that’s the other thing, that’s why I’m glad it turned itself into a series or glad that Joss (Whedon) made it a series. I like a positive role model and young girls are going to watch this on TV. When I was growing up I had my Nancy Drew, you know? And now these young girls get to have Buffy. So I was really happy about that. What do you think about the roles for women and the female characters in the media today? I think that it’s fantastic. I mean I don’t see it being a problem. I think that women are very, very strong in the industry and in making movies and television. I think we’re no longer having to compete, I think we’re at the same level as men as far as getting things made and on their feet. [img_assist|nid=335|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=150|height=225]What are you working on now?I have Operation Cupcake coming out this weekend on the Hallmark Channel with Dean Cain. Then I have a web series called Little Women, Big Cars that’s on AOL. Little Women, Big Cars is really fun. It’s a web series so it’s short little webisodes. And I’ve been doing the TV show Psych and so I’m going back this year to do a few more. I’m also shooting a movie this summer called The Bouquet. Sounds like it’s going great! Any parting thoughts you’d like to share with young women? Embrace yourself and live life. Have fun and don’t ever let anyone get in your way! To learn more about what’s up next for Kristy Swanson check out her official website. Plus check out Operation Cupcake this Saturday, June 9th at 8 on the Hallmark Channel.

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