July 2016

T-shirt Fundraiser for Casa Ruby

For the next two weeks, Legendary Women, Inc. is raising money primarily for Casa Ruby, D.C., a community center that helps LGBT people in D.C., especially those who are geender non-conforming. They offer food, a place to stay, and even job training and computer labs for one of the most at-risk and needing communities in the country. So, please, if you have less than fifteen dollars to spare, then we have a t-shirt for you. For more information you can see our link to Bonfire with an explanational video as well!

AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps






Blogger, Assistant Design

AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps is a professional studio artist and avid gamer residing in Maryland. In the past four years she has been a featured artist in a number of Midwestern art shows and her abstract impressionist work hangs in several galleries across the United States. She is the creative force behind Black Arrow Workshop, an art and design studio that, among other things, does pro bono graphic design work and marketing plans for non-profit organizations.