January 2015

Legendary Women Literary Contest 2015 Rules and Instructions

During our first lit contest, we gathered an amazing collection of stories from six different countries and decided upon three great winners in "No Name," "Mona," and our grand prize winner, "From Her Tears Came the Sky." Now that we're up and running again, we want to hold our next writing contest and try a different theme. Who's the next person to gain entrance into our Winners' Circle? Is it you?

So first, let's talk about the rules:

Announcing the Legendaries

Our staffer, Megan Hussey, has a brilliant article calling forth for a new type of award for awards season. The Legendaries seek to promote positivity and recognition for a variety of women in the film industry. We've got our own nominations for women who dinstinguished themselves in film in 2014, but we would love for you all to be a part of it too.

Legendaries Awards

Everyone knows classic actress Mary Pickford as America’s sweetheart. Few realize that Pickford was also a director, a producer and a screenwriter.

And, few people today know that the first female film director — Alice Guy-Blache — directed one of the first narrative fiction films way back in 1896. Or that is was female and out lesbian film director Dorothy Arzner, who in all likelihood invented the boom mic, and who taught the directing craft to Francis Ford Coppola.