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We're past the Holidays and excited to be doing some big and new things in 2016. We'll have more of that soon here and in our newsletter, but for right now, we'd love to point out that we're looking for a Vice President of Communications. If you're local to the Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland area then please consider checking out the position!

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    We're proud to present our 2015 Literary Contest Winner with Ms. Samantha Dauer and her piece "J. J.

    Our second place winner for the 2015 literary contest is below.


    We're proud to be sharing our third place winner, Megan Ainslow's, story "A Matriline" here. This will be up on our site for six months so please read, enjoy and comment!


    Our staffer, Megan Hussey, has a brilliant article calling forth for a new type of award for awards season.

    As a corollary to our First Annual Literary Contest, we're having a drive until November 30, 2012 to get together books for the Women's Prison Book Project (WPBP), a non-p

    We all have a favorite heroine, a woman who kicks a serious amount of butt and inspires us to be better than we are.

    The flurry of news stories over the past year might give people the impression that the last stand for LGBTQ rights is the fight for marriage equality… and maybe where you buy your fried c

    Strong Female Protagonist follows the adventures of a young middle-class American with super-strength, invincibilit

    Tumblr, twitter, Facebook, and various blogs have been exploding this week with reaction to the self-published novel Save the Pearls: Revealing Eden.